Why become a Lyoness Premium Member?


Benefits of becoming a Lyoness Premium Member

Lyoness Premium MemberEverybody shops, almost every day, and there’s nothing anyone can do to stop that. And there are many stores that offer loyalty cards to attract customers, because we all like a discount on our shopping.

But what if you could get just one card that would save you money in many different places (up to 2%)? Well now you can, and it’s completely free of charge and with no strings attached – The Lyoness Cashback Card.

With Lyoness you get money back with every purchase made at Lyoness Loyalty Partners (that’s cash, not points) whether you’re buying food, petrol, clothing, housewares, DIY, holidays and travel, etc. Every Tuesday you receive a text message from Lyoness telling you how much cashback you’ve earned, which is transferred direct to your personal bank account.

Lyoness started in 2003 and now operates in over 30 countries, has millions of registered members, and is the World’s largest shopping community. This is because everyone likes cash back with every purchase – and registration, the Card and all services are completely free of charge!

Furthermore, a small part of every purchase made through Lyoness automatically goes to support the Lyoness Child & Family Foundation, which benefits underprivileged children around the world, and has recently been responsible for building orphanages and renovating schools in Africa and The Philippines. You’re supporting this charity each time you make a purchase.

To become a Lyoness Member and enjoy all the benefits, you must be recommended and registered by an existing Member. The new member starts earning cashback straight away, but the existing Member also benefits by receiving 0.5% of the value of all purchases made by the new member from Lyoness Loyalty Partners. This Friendship Bonus, as it is called, is also paid when the new member recommends a friend or colleague and they start shopping. So an existing Member earns 0.5% on Direct recommendations and a further 0.5% on Indirect recommendations. Not bad for simply spreading the word and helping others to save money like you do. With the Lyoness Business Opportunity, there’s no limit to the number of people you can recommend, so this could add up to a worthwhile monthly income over time.

Lyoness Business OpportunityHowever, the serious money comes when you become a Lyoness Premium Member. Lyoness negotiates discounts with the Loyalty Partners of between 3% and 20%, depending on the sector, and most of this goes to you, the Member. The balance of the discount, after the Cashback and Friendship Bonus have been paid, goes into your Loyalty Account. For every £45 accumulated in your Loyalty Account, a unit is created which goes into your Accounting Programme. Each of these £45 units is worth £405 to you, when a set number of units are generated and placed after it in the Accounting Programme. Remember, these units have cost you nothing! The value of each unit increases to £523.80 if you have introduced just four new members to Lyoness. You will receive this money in cash back or shopping vouchers.

The more units you have in the Programme, the more you will benefit. As a Lyoness Premium Member, you are able to create units immediately by means of a Voucher Downpayment, instead of waiting to create units through shopping over a period of time. This is very powerful. If you’re interested in building a solid, long term income with Lyoness, this is the way to kick-start your Lyoness business and get off to a fast start. You can be confident that any money you use for a Voucher Downpayment is always yours, and you will never lose it. It can be used towards any purchase through Lyoness Loyalty Partners at any time in the future. There is absolutely NO FINANCIAL RISK with Lyoness.

Think about it: the potential of Lyoness is almost unlimited. Everybody must shop, everybody likes to save money, and so everybody is a potential Lyoness Member. As a Lyoness Premium Member, you are able to build your team by introducing new members in any country of the World where Lyoness operates – and this is just the beginning!

The Lyoness Business Opportunity offers you many more ways to earn money as your business grows, and these will be the subject of future posts. But if I’ve whet your appetite and you’d like to find out more, your next step would be to attend a free Lyoness Business Presentation.

In the meantime, take a look at the new Lyoness UK Video at http://bit.ly/UCkFob .

Lyoness is growing every day and you can share in its success and start your own business today!




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