The Lyoness Cashback Card

Cash Back With Every PurchaseThe Lyoness Cashback Card is now available in the UK, completely free of charge, to anyone who’d like to pay less for all their regular weekly shopping.

With the Lyoness Card in your pocket, you’ll get money back on all your purchases from Lyoness Loyalty Merchants – that’s Cashback (not Points) paid direct to your personal bank account every week.

Save Money On All Your Regular Weekly ShoppingBuy your Groceries & Fuel, treat yourself to great food and wine, shop for Toiletries & Cosmetics , Electrical Goods & Computers, DIY and Hardware, Clothing, or visit famous Department Stores. Check out the list of UK Partners on the Lyoness website. All these major UK High Street Stores, plus many more, are Lyoness Loyalty Merchants where you save money with your Cash Back Card.

Furthermore, as Lyoness is the World’s Largest Shopping Community, you can use your Lyoness Card in over 40 countries across all Continents – so you keep on earning Cashback when on holiday or travelling abroad. The Cash Back Card is available for businesses as well as for personal use.

So, apply for your Lyoness Cashback Card today – your Lyoness Membership and Lyoness Card are FREE OF CHARGE for life. There are no renewal fees, no transaction charges, no minimum purchase required, and Cash Back is paid weekly.


There are 4 ways to shop with LYONESS – the Cashback Card, Shopping Vouchers/Gift Cards, Online Shopping and Mobile Cashback.

‘Cash Back With Every Purchase’ – each time you shop at any of the Lyoness Loyalty Merchants in-store or online!


The Lyoness Cashback Card

  • Cash back with every purchase made using the Cash Back Card
  • Locate participating stores on the Lyoness website
  • Pay in-store as you do normally – cash, credit/debit card
  • Just present your Lyoness Card at the till when paying
  • Receive cash back direct into your Lyoness account

Cashback Vouchers / Top-Up Gift Cards

  • Order store vouchers or top-up Gift Cards from Lyoness
  • Pay via your Lyoness account – receive instant cashback
  • Receive vouchers in post or top up Gift Card electronically
  • Locate participating stores on the Lyoness website
  • Spend vouchers or use Gift Card instore just like cash

Cashback with Online Shopping

  • Cash back with every online purchase made through Lyoness
  • Locate participating online stores on the Lyoness website
  • Click through to your chosen store from the Lyoness webpage
  • Shop and pay directly online with your credit or debit card
  • Get immediate cashback directly into your Lyoness account

Mobile Cashback

  • Download the Lyoness App for iPhone, iPad or Android
  • Locate participating stores on the Lyoness website
  • Order Mobile Vouchers directly from your phone
  • Find location and directions to the store from your phone
  • Shop and pay with the Mobile Voucher on your phone


Check out these Lyoness Videos for more information.


Apply for your FREE Lyoness Cashback Card by completing our Lyoness Cashback Card Application Form now!





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