The Lyoness Business Opportunity

Lyoness Business OpportunityYou’ve seen how you can save money by receiving cash back with every purchase made from Lyoness Loyalty Merchants in-store and online.

Well, there are a number of ways you can actually make money with Lyoness!

The Lyoness Business Opportunity is open to anyone wishing to earn additional income – whether you’re looking for a few extra pounds per week to help with the household expenses, you’d like to generate some serious cash to pay for holidays or cover the car or mortgage payments, or you’re looking for a brand new career and want to build a business that will produce income for years to come.

Ways To Make Money With Lyoness

#1  Loyalty Bonus

Lyoness UK negotiates volume discounts of between 3% and 30% with major retailers who become Lyoness Loyalty Merchants. In addition to the cashback that you have received, you are eligible for a further proportion of this discount simply by continuing to shop with Lyoness Partners, known as a Loyalty Bonus.

#2  Friendship Bonus

Recommendations from friends and colleagues are the best advertisements. Introduce your colleagues, friends and family to the benefits of Lyoness and you will receive 0.5% Friendship Bonus on the total value of everything they spend with Lyoness Loyalty Merchants – for life! Furthermore, you receive an additional 0.5% on the total spend of each person that they introduce. This could generate a worthwhile passive income for you over time.

#3  Build A Business

Lyoness Business OpportunityFor people looking for a change of direction or simply an additional income stream, Lyoness offers you the opportunity of a passive income for life and a successful long-term business. The potential to build a successful business with Lyoness, part-time or full-time, is unlimited. By becoming a Premium Member, you can build a team that can extend to any country where Lyoness operates. Lyoness is a truly global business opportunity with multiple income streams.

#4  SME Business Opportunity

Lyoness Loyalty SchemeBy issuing the Lyoness Cashback Card to each of its customers, a small to medium sized business (SME) can increase sales, improve customer loyalty, encourage the return of old customers, and attract new customers who are already Lyoness members seeking cash back. And the exciting part is that you will receive a new additional income stream in the form of a percentage of the total spend of each of your customers who use the card for all their regular shopping at other Lyoness Loyalty Merchants. Why not check out the Lyoness Loyalty Scheme now!

#5  Fundraising With Lyoness

You don’t have to be a business to benefit from Lyoness. If you are an organization, club, charity, church, school, fan club, sports club, etc., the Lyoness Cashback Card is an ideal way to raise funds by creating a passive income stream through the everyday shopping activities of your members.


Please note that the Lyoness Rewards Programme Loyalty Scheme has been certified by the following world renowned organizations – TÜV Rheinland, Quality Austria GmbH and IQNet. This means that you can be assured of the reputability of Lyoness, and that it administers the Lyoness Cashback Card and Lyoness Loyalty Programme as specified in the terms and conditions of the scheme – in other words, it does what it says on the tin!


We are looking for serious, motivated people from all over Britain to join our Lyoness Business Team in Yorkshire at this exciting pre-launch stage for Lyoness UK, before the Lyoness Cashback Card becomes available to the general public in Phase III. Whether you’re an entrepreneurial individual or you already own a business with a customer database, the Lyoness Business Opportunity is a great chance for you to build an income for life.

To find out more, I invite you to attend a regional Lyoness Business Presentation currently being held at convenient locations across the UK. Please come along and see how you can benefit. It’s free to attend, and it could be the opportunity you’ve been looking for.



If you’d like to know more, please call Howard Mostyn on 0845 206 2277.

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